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I'm a copywriter with 16 years of experience delivering B2C and B2B communication strategies. I write everything - from ads and brochures to procedure manuals and franchise packages - while positively impacting your bottom line. I can step into your world and adapt quickly to your company's voice, narrative and the features that set your organization apart. I understand the marketing concepts that can save you time and money. Let's get to work!

How Pay To Play Has Changed The Rules of PR

November 2016

Sample blog post submitted to Canada Newswire

6 Parenting Items I Wish Someone Would Invent

April 2017

I'm a regular humour/lifestyle contributor to the parenting blog In the spirit of work/life balance, blogging provides me with an outlet for lighter, creative fare. The parenting community is varied and immense; writing about the ups and downs of this crazy journey connects me to my audience in a meaningful way. 

This blog post was published on April 27, 2017.

Microblading Brochure

November 2018

Sample of a two-sided, trifold brochure for Carmen Oshima, owner and operator of Mayu Studios in California. Originally, Carmen had asked for help developing content for her website. The scope quickly grew to include social posts, regular blog posts, business cards and this microblading brochure. her website looks fantastic and she is a delightful client to work with.

Summer Beauty Clinic
Reference Guide

June, 2016

While I can't display the comprehensive sales materials or detailed procedural and product knowledge pages (trade secrets), I can display the promotions we featured in the Summer 2016 sales guide. I wrote and designed these reference tools for our franchisees for every promotion we ran. The idea of using operational communications tools to achieve sales and add "hype" to the selling process proved to be very successful, contributing a 2-5% increase in revenue each month.

CBV Microblading Brochure

March 2016

This was a brochure written and designed to test the soft launch of a new service in approximately 6 retail locations. Click "Read Article" to see a sample page of the brochure's interior.


A Bit About
Alexis Nicols

The Full Story (So Far)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

“Girl” has a great job, a wonderful family and a beautiful (if tiny) house in downtown Toronto. Girl loves her job. She’s great at it. She’s a marketing/communications specialist with over 16 years of progressive experience developing promotions, creating graphics and writing compelling content. She’s creative and focused, a real multitasker and doer. She connects with people – her co-workers adore her and she creates an incredibly positive work culture because she herself is incredibly positive.

Then one day, Girl is let go due to corporate restructuring. One month later, Girl loses her home to smoke damage while on vacation with her family. Some of the key components of her life are gone in one fell swoop.

So, Girl steps out of her comfort zone and creates a new life. She has an opportunity to start over. She signs up for yoga classes. While job searching, she volunteers at a local non-profit developing digital content for their CMS. She becomes a freelance writer and a contributor to a parenting blog. She never misses an opportunity to network and add to her ever-expanding village. She takes her kids to the park. A lot.

Did I mention Girl can write? Words have been her singular love from the time she was eight years old. She devotes herself to creating stories. Only this time, she leverages her skill sets to write other people’s stories. She captures personality and tone, understanding that every phrase counts and every word matters. Don’t believe me? Check out her portfolio.

The Girl can also research. She has a BA in Communications and Writing, plus certification in Publishing and Technical Writing. What she doesn’t know, she learns. Fast.

If the past year has been any indication, Girl is tenacious, adapts quickly and faces challenges without losing her cool. She knows how to change lives and is ready to really shine.

You’ve got to meet this girl.



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